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 Anderson's Service Center 

Steering & Suspension Service

Does your car squeak and rattle? By using the highest quality ride control parts available, we can restore your vehicle's ride quality back to new.

Shocks and struts don't last forever. Most manufacturers recommend checking and/or replacing shocks and struts starting at 60,000 miles. Doing a complete repair by replacing struts, springs, and mounts at the same time assures that your car will ride and handle like new. Ignoring a poor handling car could be a safety concern. Let us check yours out today!

Making sure that your steering and chassis parts are in working order is another way to find peace of mind in the safety of your vehicle. From power steering systems and rack & pinions that leak, to tie rod ends and ball joints that get loose over time, we can repair these systems and restore proper steering effort and response to factory specifications. Your vehicle's steering and suspension systems are no place for cheap parts. We insist on using high quality parts to make these repairs to ensure your families safety on the road.